In the changeable legal regulations of Hungary certain transactions may occur, which invite questions and problems concerning taxation. With the proper management of these questions and problems not only mistakes and fines can be avoided, but significant savings in taxes may be accrued.
ISO-FOCUS Ltd. helps its clients with one-time or regular consulting services concerning any tax type, in accordance with their needs.
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It often happens that newly established or already operating companies planning significant investments and quick expansions do not take taxation liabilities into consideration when establishing their strategy and tactics. This is a huge mistake, as the sum and scheduling of taxes to be paid affects the liquidity of both smaller and bigger enterprises significantly.
The task of tax planning performed together with the preparation of financial plans is the transaction-level planning of the business activity in a manner which helps optimal taxation, and the establishment of corporate structures and settlement methods, which are able to increase the value of your business continuously.
The up-to-date know-how of our staff, their expertise and creativity guarantee that our clients can achieve the highest possible competitive advantage in any walk of business, which can be attained via tax planning.
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Adaption to the quick changes of the taxation system in Hungary is a challenge to every business in this country. One method to decrease tax risks is an internationally renowned method, yet not often used in Hungary, is the audit of the taxation of the company by experts, which can reveal areas of high risk and mistakes before the audit of the tax authority.
Tax audits performed by our company help our partners in getting to know and decrease their tax risks before tax audits, thus avoiding tax fines and interests on arrears, which might be many times higher than our fees.
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The audit of transfer prices has become more and more emphasised in Hungary and it is shown by the fact that nowadays it has become an area of special attention for the tax authority. This, instead of the earlier, looser settlement practice needs a new attitude from businesses and means a new challenge for tax experts as well.
ISO-FOCUS Ltd. consider the examination of transfer prices established between associated businesses and the minimisation of tax risks related to this field a priority.
Our services include: 
    • in accordance with the effective regulations, the compilation of appropriate logs, in which, by presenting facts and circumstances affecting the establishment of transfer prices we substantiate that the prices applied in the audited transaction are "arm’s length" prices.
    • the review of applied transfer prices, when we map transactions between associated parties completely, identify critical areas and make suggestions to decrease risks by taking into consideration practical feasibility and the internal regulations of the company group.
    • elaboration of transfer pricing politics for the multinational company group, in which we examine along the full value chain established in the expanding company group the prices applied in transactions between the associated companies, and we make suggestions to their establishment or amendment.
Our services related to transfer prices are established in accordance with your special need, in a manner that we take into consideration risks inherited from the past, and the objectives and guidelines set forth by the company group.